Are you looking for a way to turn back the clock on your appearance without anesthesia or incisions? Injectable fillers may fit the bill. The Juvéderm® line of dermal fillers features a broad range of formulations that all contain hyaluronic acid. This substance, which is also found naturally in the body, works to support the underlying dermal structure that tends to lose firmness over time. When administered by an experienced injector, such as a member of the California Society of Facial Plastic Surgery (CSFPS), Juvéderm® products provide a smooth, natural result that shaves years off your appearance. Your refreshed look will last for many months in most cases.

Is Juvéderm® Right for You?

The Juvéderm® family of fillers is designed to address a variety of aging and skin concerns. Depending on the formulation used, these products can reduce the following issues:

  • Smile lines, also known as nasolabial folds
  • Creases between the mouth to the chin (marionette lines)
  • Loss of volume in the midface and temples
  • Dark circles underneath the eyes
  • Wrinkles around the chin area
  • Early signs of jowl formation along the jawline
  • Lack of fullness in the lips
  • Fine lines above the upper lip (perioral lines)

How Juvéderm® Addresses Aging and Other Skin Issues

With different formulations to choose from, your Juvéderm® treatment can be tailored to your needs and desired results. Options include:

Juvéderm® XC

The FDA has approved Juvéderm® XC for the treatment of nasolabial folds, marionette lines and perioral lines. It can also be helpful in adding fullness to the lips in some cases. The XC means the formula includes lidocaine to make the injections more comfortable. Results of Juvéderm® XC can last for up to 12 months.

Juvéderm® Vollure XC

Vollure features the innovative Vycross technology, which combines different weights of hyaluronic acid molecules to increase the efficiency and longevity of the solution. Like Juvéderm® XC, Vollure XC works to reduce nasolabial folds, marionette lines and other facial wrinkles. Results of this product last up to 18 months for most patients.

Juvéderm® Voluma XC

This formulation offers treatment for a different type of aging symptom – loss of volume in the midface that can lead to hollowing and an aged facial profile. This problem is due to loss of collagen within the dermal structure that causes the hollowing effect and skin laxity. The smooth, thick texture of Voluma allows for restoration of facial volume, cheek definition and a younger profile. Results may extend for up to two years.

Juvéderm® Ultra XC

Juvéderm® Ultra is an ultra-smooth formulation that restores fullness to thinning lips or adds volume to lips that did not have sufficient plumpness. The lighter formula is also appropriate for addressing subtle facial lines. Results of Juvéderm® Ultra last up to one year.

Juvéderm® Volbella XC

In addition to adding subtle volume to the lips, Juvéderm® Volbella is efficient in smoothing away the perioral lines that form above the lips, often referred to as smokers or lipstick lines. Like Juvéderm® Ultra, the results of Volbella can last for up to one year.

Tips for Choosing Your Juvéderm® Provider

Dermal filler treatments have become so common; it may appear nearly every physician and medspa is now offering this service. However, not all Juvéderm® providers have the level of experience and expertise necessary to ensure a safe process and the best possible results. Look for an expert injector with an intricate knowledge of facial anatomy that will be able to strategically place injection points for an even natural effect. A physician with sufficient training and qualifications in Juvéderm® injections is also essential for a successful procedure. Find an injector you can trust from our qualified list of members.

Preparing for Your Treatment

Juvéderm® injections are considered a safe cosmetic treatment with few side effects. However, a few simple steps can minimize your risk of possible bleeding or bruising during or after your procedure. These steps include avoiding medications that have a blood-thinning effect like aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Supplements like St. John’s Wort and vitamin E should also be stopped before treatment as they can have a similar impact. Your initial consultation should cover these precautions as well to ensure your procedure is as safe as possible.

Procedure Overview

No matter which Juvéderm® product is used for your treatment, the session should not last for more than a few minutes. Exact appointment length will depend on the number of areas you want to address. Some patients also opt for a topical numbing cream before injecting sensitive areas like the lips, which can also extend the amount of time you are in the office. In most cases, injections are relatively comfortable without any medication, since the needle used for the treatment is tiny. Multiple injections will be done to produce a smooth, even result.

What About Recovery After Juvéderm® Injections?

Juvéderm® treatment does not require any downtime. In most cases, patients resume daily activities without any visible signs they just had a cosmetic procedure performed. In rare instances, some mild bruising or swelling may develop around the injection sites, but this typically subsides within hours after the procedure. Patients do not usually experience any significant discomfort after a Juvéderm® procedure.

It is likely you will see some positive improvement immediately following your Juvéderm® treatment. Results continue to improve in the following days as the solution diffuses and evens out in the treatment area. Depending on the formula used, the treatment area and the speed at which your body reabsorbs the hyaluronic acid in the mix, you should enjoy your results for up to one to two years. Scheduling regular appointments with your provider will ensure your rejuvenated appearance continues indefinitely.

It is not likely insurance will cover Juvéderm® treatments. However, providers typically offer payment plans and discount programs for patients that schedule regular appointments for their injections. For the right patient, Juvéderm® is a quick and comfortable way to reverse the effects of time and add youthful volume to the skin. With a variety of potential benefits, it is no wonder many patients are achieving their cosmetic goals with this injectable solution.

CSFPS members offer nonsurgical enhancements like dermal fillers to provide their patients with a vast array of anti-aging options. Find a CSFPS provider in your area to discover whether Juvéderm® is the right treatment for you, or if other alternatives like Botox or other dermal fillers might be the best fit for your cosmetic needs.