You may not be aware of it, but every time you smile, squint or frown, you are contributing to the formation of wrinkles on your face. Over time, those expressions that are a part of your expressiveness can leave a permanent mark on your appearance – in the form of forehead creases, frown lines or crow’s feet. These changes don’t have to result in an indelible mark however, and this is where injectable treatments like Xeomin® come in to play. Armed with a wrinkle-relaxing formulation, you can smooth away those lines without compromising your natural expressions. Many of our California Society of Facial Plastic Surgery surgeons offer Xeomin® for patients that want to reverse aging signs but aren’t yet ready to commit to a surgical procedure.

Xeomin® is a purified neurotoxin that contains trace amounts of the botulinum toxin as its active ingredient. When administered in small amounts, the substance can be used as an effective nerve-blocking agent. In this case, the medication stops the nerves from telling the muscles used to make facial expressions to contract. When the muscles relax, the facial lines do as well. While Xeomin® is a relative newcomer to this category of injectables, similar formulas have been used for cosmetic and medical reasons for decades. You have peace-of-mind in knowing the medication is safe and effective in treating signs of aging and restoring your youthful appearance.

Is Xeomin® Right for You?

To understand whether Xeomin® is the right treatment for you, it helps to understand the difference between different types of wrinkles. Some lines, known as dynamic wrinkles, are caused by repeated facial expressions. These include:

  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Creases between the eyebrows (also called frown lines or the 11s)
  • Small wrinkles that fan out from the outer eye (known as crow’s feet)

Some surgeons might also use Xeomin® to even out a drooping brow line or minimize a gummy smile. These uses are considered off-label, which means the product is not FDA-approved for these purposes. However, experienced surgeons know how to use Xeomin® to make these corrections with excellent results.

Keep in mind that while Xeomin® is effective in smoothing away some aging symptoms, it does not address all of them. If you notice other concerns like sagging skin or advanced signs of aging, Xeomin® may not be enough to help you meet all your aesthetic goals. However, our surgeons also provide surgical treatments for patients in need of more substantial correction, which can be performed instead of Xeomin® injections or in combination with them.

Choosing Your Xeomin® Injector

Although Xeomin® does not require anesthesia or incisions, you still want to select a qualified provider that can determine whether Xeomin® is the right choice for you and how to administer the injections to produce an optimal outcome that looks refreshed and natural. Choose a certified injector with the proper credentials, so you know your Xeomin® procedure will be safe and successful. You can use our local directory to find a California Society of Facial Plastic Surgery surgeon right in your area. It is possible you will be able to schedule your consultation and have your treatment on the same day since Xeomin® injections don’t require any pre-treatment preparation and take just a few minutes to perform.

Your Xeomin® Procedure

Your Xeomin® procedure involves a series of simple injections, using a tiny needle that causes little discomfort. An expert provider will know precisely where to target the needle to produce the best possible result. The goal is to create a natural effect that refreshes your appearance without compromising the mobility of your face. Most treatment sessions take just a few minutes to complete, and you will be back to your regular activities right away once your procedure is over.

What to Expect After Your Xeomin® Injections

Since Xeomin® injections don’t require any anesthesia or incisions, you don’t have to take time off to recover from your procedure. Your surgeon may advise you to avoid strenuous activities for the first day, but that may be the only restriction you have. Most of the time, no one will notice you just had a cosmetic procedure, even directly following your appointment. Some patients do experience some mild swelling and bruising around injection sites, but these side effects tend to be rare and do not last long.

While you might see initial improvements right away, your results from your Xeomin® treatment will continue to emerge in the days following your procedure. Your improved look will last for three or four months. You can book your maintenance appointments around the three-month point to maintain your refreshed appearance over the long term. Many surgeons offer discount packages to make ongoing treatments more cost-effective.

Xeomin® or Botox®?

In Xeomin®, the active ingredient that freezes the muscles is not encapsulated in complex and accessory proteins, unlike Botox®. While in some patients this might mean a slightly faster onset of results, the difference between the two is often negligible. Ask your injector to recommend the best possible option for you.

Xeomin® is a safe and effective anti-aging treatment for the right patient. Both men and women find they can achieve excellent results with this quick office procedure. If you would like to learn more, find a California Society of Facial Plastic Surgery surgeon in your area and call to schedule your consultation today.